Things to do in your 5 minute break // March 10, 2014

Congratulations! You’ve made it through a Pomodoro, and now it’s time for a short break. Since short breaks only last five minutes, and you’ll soon be diving into another Pomodoro, you should refrain from doing anything during your break that requires significant brain power. Also avoid thinking about what you’ve accomplished so far. These short […]

This Year, Keep Your Resolutions! // December 30, 2013

2014 is just around the corner, which means it’s time to make extravagant, untenable oaths to yourself like “Next year, I’m going to volunteer five hours every day, become a professional floutist, master underwater basket weaving and only use Facebook to message friends!”

Pomodoro Technique Holiday Sale // November 18, 2013

This holiday season, give the greatest gift of all: time.

The Pomodoro Technique eBook now available! // October 25, 2013

Now Francesco Cirillo’s revolutionary time-management method is available in an E-Book version, perfect for reading on-the-go.

New FC Garage Store // October 24, 2013

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new FC Garage Store!

Ignore the Unicorn: Pomodoro for Those with A.D.D. // October 23, 2013

For those with ADD, boring tasks are like a kiss of death.