Meet our CPMS: Theo // August 23, 2013

Theo is using the technique since August 2012 as a Software Development Manager.

Meet our CPMS: Kamil // August 23, 2013

Kamil started using the Technique in 2011 as a student and freelancer and is now using it as a Software Developer.

Meet our CPMS: Yasin // August 23, 2013

Yasin, 13, is our youngest Certified Pomodoro Master and uses the technique for his homework.

Meet our CPMS: Gabriela // August 23, 2013

Gabriela is using the Pomodoro Technique since 2011, when she started her second job as Computer Engineer.

Meet our CPMS: Josh // August 23, 2013

Josh has effectively used the Pomodoro Technique since 2009 to organize both his work and free time.