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@jayfader - @PomodoroTech my daughter now knows how to say tomato and I actually have time left to spend with her. #pomodoro #lifechanger Thank you!
@its_photography - "tic-toc tic-toc" pomodoro technique is killing it today! doubled productivity = doubled creativity @pomodorotech #deadlines #motivation
@dtanzer - It's amazing what you get done with @PomodoroTech - And in the breaks you can do other things - like housework #homeoffice
@ojuncu - I'll become a mean #pomodorotechnique addicted. Great way to #GsWD ( Get some Work Done)
@JustinAtherley - For those with short attention spans like myself @PomodoroTech works wonders for productivity
@andrewhewertson - Using the Pomodoro Technique a lot today. Such a simple and effective Time Management tactic. #tm #timemanagement
@starshyne - I'm so glad the pomodoro technique was helpful, @_anna_rice_ ! I find it invaluable. TY @pomodorotech!
@ErinScandalous - If you procrastinate like me, @PomodoroTech may offer a glimmer of hope!
@jeanfer - Low productivity and high confusion? Use the Pomodoro Technique
@Reanimatie - Love it! RT @PomodoroTech: Time management & planning for ADD/ADHD. The many benefits of the Pomodoro Technique.
@aaroneden - Reading an amazing time mgmt ebook about the Pomodoro Technique. I recommend you spend 30 minutes and read it too! http://bit.ly/sbJER
@mat_walker - And if you struggle to #GTD because you lack focus and get distracted then you need some Pomodoro in your life http://bit.ly/6Xk2T5
@KSukalac - Have used @PomodoroTech for just two days (incompletely) and seeing a radical improvement in my to-do list. Pleasantly surprised.
@claudinetweets - I've been using the @PomodoroTech for a week now to increase productivity. I'm now getting done is 6 hours what would take me 8! loving it.
@petestoffle - Really good technique in time management and getting stuff done in small burts: http://bit.ly/M76eJz